This week’s Case Study Challenge will be on Restaurant Management. This week’s case study is for individual participants only. Student members will register themselves using the link below.

Register Here:


Possible Performance Indicators this week:

  • Build and maintain relationships with customers (CR:030) (SP) (Tier 1, Customer Relations)
  • Discuss the nature of customer relationship management (CR:016) (SP) (Tier 1, Customer Relations)
  • Explain the principles of supply and demand (EC:005) (CS) (Tier 1, Economics)
  • Discuss the measure of consumer spending as an economic indicator (EC:081) (SP) (Tier 1, Economics)
  • Describe marketing functions and related activities (MK:002) (CS) (Tier 1, Marketing)
  • Demonstrate connections between company actions and results (e.g., influencing consumer buying behavior, gaining market share, etc.) (MK:019) (SP) (Tier 1, Marketing)
  • Differentiate between service marketing and product marketing (MK:008) (CS) (Tier 2, Marketing)
  • Describe the use of technology in customer relationship management (CR:018) (SP) (Tier 1, Customer Relations)
  • Explain the role of ethics in information management (NF:111) (SP) (Tier 1, Information Management)
  • Describe methods used to collect hospitality and tourism business information (e.g., observations, mail, telephone, Internet, discussion groups, interviews) (NF:283) (SP) (Tier 2, Information Management)


  1. Register by 5PM on Wednesday to participate.
  2. Wednesday you will be emailed the case study and instructions on submitting your case study.
  3. You have until Monday November 2 at 11:59PM to submit your case study video.