Help Continue The Tradition

Anyone who has ever held membership in any division of DECA Inc. can join the Alumni Association. As a member you have the opportunity to help your community and DECA on the local, state, and national level. Your commitment helps ensure the continued success of our organization.

The main purpose for the Alumni Association is to provide guidance and support to DECA and provide an avenue for continued personal and professional growth for the alumni.

Ways to Get Involved

Collegiate DECA

Although you may have graduated High School, you can continue to train and prepare for your career by joining nearly 6000 College Students across the globe who are members of a DECA Collegiate Program.

DECA is more than competitions, blazers and medallions. Joining DECA is the first step you can take towards achieving your goals and realizing your greatest potential.

State Officer Alumni

Past State Officers have played a significant role in the success of Oregon DECA. We appreciate each student who has devoted time, energy and resources into making DECA what it is today.

Take a look back at our past state officers by browsing the archives. And the next time you see a former state officer, tell them “thanks” for a job well done!