Year in Review: 2011-2012

Looking back at our 2011-2012 DECA year, it was inspiring to see Oregon DECA grow and represent greatness at such high levels. Fall conferences such as the Oregon Leadership Institute and the Western Region Leadership Conference were a vital time for members to learn the ins and outs of DECA as well as brush up on their competition and leadership skills. The State Career Development Conference ran from February 26-28 at Jantzen Beach. SCDC was a huge success and sent many qualifiers ICDC. Oregon also embraced a newly elected state officer team.  As the year progressed, the International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City nurtured the growth of leadership and excellence for many DECA members. This four day conference had many wonderful opportunities for members to network with one another, share ideas, compete against the top marketing students in the nation, and enjoy the beautiful city.  Oregon DECA had many international finalists who made the state proud. This past year was a tremendous highlight, and it was great to see members use these opportunities to advance their skills. The state officer team is determined to continue this growth within Oregon DECA in the 2012-2013 year. Exciting opportunities lie in the near future, and for members that will return next year, Oregon DECA looks forward to an unforgettable 2012-2013!