On July 6, the Oregon DECA State Officer Team headed to Phoenix, Arizona for the Western Region Officer Training Camp (WROTC). There we met many other state officers from the Western Region, along with officers from Michigan and Canada. We attended various workshops that helped all of us to expand our skills and learn more about leadership. For example, we learned many new leadership activities and icebreakers, and how to coordinate them better. The officers also learned about leadership styles. Learning about leadership styles helped the team find our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses will help us improve as a team to make Oregon DECA the best that we can. Everyone got a chance to listen to inspirational leaders sharing their stories to show us that little things can make a big difference. WROTC allowed us to open our horizons and expand as a team. Each member of the Oregon DECA officer team set a goal for WROTC, and was able to meet their goals. For example, our state secretary Aliyyah Howes had the goal to meet and get to know an officer from Canada. With her hard work and determination, she met her goal! Along with team building and learning, we got to have a little fun as well. All of the attendees were able to go to Wet n’ Wild, an amusement park, on the afternoon on Thursday July 7. It was a great afternoon to relax and have a little fun in Arizona. By the end of the conference everyone had a smile on their face. We had an awesome experience the whole time, and walked away with valuable leadership skills. The Oregon DECA state officer team is excited for more to come through serving Oregon DECA members.[gallery]