WRLC Recap 2014

The Western Region Leadership Conference was one of this year’s wow factors. What better way to end the year than with some motivation from amazing speakers and entrepreneurs? Attendees heard speeches from Bob Burg, Jeff Jordan, Julie Carrier and many more fantastic speakers who proved to be memorable. Many Oregon DECA members recall how John Beede encouraged them to take their leadership to new heights, and to take “An impossible step”. Along with the “GO! Talks” speakers, members were able to visit the DECA garage and attend various workshops. Last but not least, the Disney YES program was another successful opportunity that taught DECA members leadership skills. Overall, this amazing conference in sunny Anaheim, California was the perfect balance between learning valuable skills and pure fun and excitement! If you missed it this year, you definitely don’t want to miss out on 2015’s conference; it will be combined with the central region for an even greater DECA experience!