WRLC Recap

The 2011 Western Region Leadership Conference held in San Diego was one of the greatest and most energetic conferences I have had the privilege to attend. As a member and as a State President, it was an enriching experience to meet over 1,250 conference attendees that

represented almost all 14 Western Region States. WRLC hosted 3 brilliant keynote speakers: Bill Cordes, Kelly Barnes, and Phil Boyte,

who all shared their stories and experiences in an energetic and eloquent manner to inspire the members in the audience to get motivated, take initiative, and “Aspire Higher” to reach their potential.

Members also had the opportunity to attend a variety of leadership sessions, which were workshops presented by experts geared towards helping members learn the vital knowledge it takes to be successful in DECA, and also as a professional in today’s business world. Conference attendees were also able to attend “DECA University” -- a leadership training program for emerging leaders, in which students are able to major (or double major) in either Entrepreneurship, Finance and Investing, Leadership, Marketing, Sports and Entertainment, or Technology.

Last but not least, the newest addition to the 2011 Western Region Leadership Conference was the DECA Industry Panels, which featured business and DECA leaders from a variety of industries who have achieved success in their careers. Members were able to hear their stories, get answers to questions, and learn how they can pursue careers in related fields. Next year’s Western Region Leadership Conference will be held right here in the Northwest in Seattle, Washington. Just like the 2011 Western Region Leadership Conference, this will an event you do not want to miss!