Written Event Tips and Resources

Written events are one way in which you can be compete in the State and International Career Development Conferences. Unlike other forms of competition, written events are completed beforehand and then presented at conferences before a judge. Through written events you can learn a lot and about how a business operates. Challenge yourself to compete in a written event this year!

Most written events require a 11 or 30 page written report in addition to the presentation. Make sure to get started early in the year to provide for maximum time on polishing your finished product. To know what is required for each written event see the links below:

Types of Written Events: Here you can find the different categories of written events, listed under “Business Operations Research Events,” “Chapter Team Events,” “Business Management And Entrepreneurship Events,” and “Marketing Representative Events".

Written Events Check List: This site contains a checklist of all the necessary aspects of a written event that must be completed before entering competition.

Written Events Statement of Assurance: The 2014 Written Event Statement of Assurance and Academic Integrity can be found in the link above (also the first thing to be completed on the checklist).

Remember that State competition isn’t as far away as it seems. By putting in the work now you can guarantee to Make It Count in competition this DECA year!

By: Kaleb Vickstrom