Why Choose DECA?

One would find it hard to name someone that regrets being in DECA, but many would find it easy to name someone who regretted not joining DECA sooner. DECA teaches students skills that they will use not only in High School classes and at DECA events, but in their future careers and everyday lives. DECA provides opportunities to learn about marketing, finance, hospitality, and management, and DECA also provides a range of leadership training and fun so that it can fit most anyone. Conferences and events are often split between different components of DECA so members can pick and choose what they like the best. The State Career Development Conference, for example, is completely perfect for people who love competition and the technical part of DECA, where the Oregon Leadership Institute is awesome for people who love leadership and would be great for anyone that is involved in other student leadership activities or their student council. On the chapter level there often exists community service and philanthropy events for those who love serving people. Some students might not think DECA is for them because they’re too busy, but in DECA really you get as much out of it as you put into it so it can work for anyone whether you’re an athlete or are your Senior Class President. Really, a better question than “Why Choose DECA?” would be “Why not choose DECA?”