Week One of the Case Study Challenge

The Case Study Challenge kicks off October 12, 2020.  Registration will be posted on Tuesday at 9AM and will stay open through Wednesday at 5PM.  Please check out the guidelines and start becoming familiar with these possible PIs for the Marketing Communications Case Study

Possible PIs:

  • Employ communication styles appropriate to target audience (CO:084) (CS) (Tier 1,Communications)
  • Coordinate activities in the promotional mix (PR:076) (SP) (Tier 3, Promotion)
  • Adapt written correspondence to targeted audiences (CO:203) (SP) (Tier 1, Communications)
  • Explain communications channels used in public-relations activities (PR:250) (SP) (Tier 2,Promotion)
  • Explain the nature of effective communications (EI:007) (PQ) (Tier 1, Emotional Intelligence)
  • Create promotional signage (PR:391) (SP) (Tier 3, Promotion
  • Solicit Feedback (EI: 106) (SP) (Tier 1, Emotional Intelligence)
  • Use social media to solicit new ideas and solutions (EI:107) (SP) (Tier 1, Emotional Intelligence)
  • Explain information privacy, security, and confidentiality considerations in business (OP:441) (CS) (Tier 1, Operations)
  • Develop project plan (OP:001) (SP) (Tier 1, Operations)