Ways to Stay Engaged in DECA Post-ICDC

Ways to Stay Engaged in DECA Post-ICDC

If you consider DECA season the cluster of national and state conferences including ICDC and SCDC, than we are currently in our off-season. However, just because competitive season is done for the year doesn’t mean you can’t stay involved in your local chapter’s operations. 

Be sure to stay in contact with your fellow chapter members and chapter officers, returning or not. A chapter that stays unified has the greatest power to make an impact in both their community and their school. A well organized chapter has the power to hold incredibly influential in school events to promote the organization, as well as put on community service projects to truly give back to the people and businesses around your local chapter. 

The First step is dreaming it. If a member has a potentially feasible idea, it should be communicated with all members willing to participate and the chapter advisor. The advisor should always knowledge of any event being put on. A representative of your chapter may also attempt to get approval from school administration, as a possible event will represent both DECA and the school. 

If funding for an event is an issue, students may use this as an opportunity to reach out to local businesses for sponsors. This is a great way for students to gain experience selling an idea in a professional environment. 

Be sure to promote an event to both potential members as well as people from around the community. An easy way to ensure publicity is to contact a local news station and ask for any event to be covered. 

If you are wishing to take your offseason as an opportunity to improve your chapters competitive edge, DECA’s official website has practice materials for all events, including sample tests and sample role plays. It’s as easy as scheduling a chapter practice. If  timing never seems to match up, then a video conference is always an acceptable form of meeting. These materials are available to all, with just a click of a button. If you absolutely desire the feeling of true competition than talk with your local state officer, as they are more than happy to help schedule possible district events. 

The last go-to way of staying engaged with DECA is staying in contact with these state officers. State officers can travel to your town to visit with your chapter. Chapter visits can be a chance for new members to ask the hard questions as well as learn about all opportunities your favorite organization offers.

Don’t let the DECA off-season be the end of annual productivity. Stay in contact with members, officers, and advisors. Let your passion fuel great things. Let your ambition be the motor behind accomplishing endless possibilities. Be limitless for  longer than just the constraints of the competitive season.