Ways to Promote DECA at Your School

The new school year means new students.  But how do you get those students to become DECA members? Oregon DECA is here with a few tips and ideas to help promote DECA at your school.

1.  Advertisement

Having posters around the school in classrooms, the cafeteria, hallways and more can really help attract students to DECA.  When creating a poster, make sure that it is visually appealing. Have bold words that get the point across; too many words will bore the reader. Have good quality images that show how DECA is fun and what types of events we have.  Photos promoting the upcoming or past events such as WRLC, ICDC and/or state conferences would be perfect!

2.  Club Fair

Does your school have a club fair? If not, start one! It’s a great way to let people know what kind of clubs the school offers. Make sure that your DECA table/booth is “eye catching” with posters and signs, and make sure there is always someone there to talk to people who stop by. Make sure to have a sign-up sheet to be able to get in contact with people who are interested. (A little candy wouldn’t hurt either!)

3.  Social Media

Try to post upcoming events and meetings as much as possible so that people know when and where to go to find your DECA chapter. Try to follow all the students in your school and business classes as well. If your school has its own social media pages, try to get in contact with the person who runs them and ask if they can give your DECA account a shout out.

4.  DECA “Open House” Night

Have a DECA night where people can come and learn about DECA with their parents. Include pizza and activities, as well as sample role plays. It’s a good way for people to learn about DECA without the pressure of having to commit to being a member.

5.  Word of mouth

Talking to friends and classmates is always a good way to get information out about DECA and chapter meetings. Also, handing out flyers can be beneficial as well. Tell people your DECA story and where DECA has gotten you.

When promoting DECA, always try to think outside of the box and work hard to make things happen. Hopefully these tips helped spark some ideas for promoting DECA at your school!