The Summer Slump

The time has finally come for all of us to head into the long days of the summer. Many of us will go and do the things that matter to us the most, whether its hanging out with friends, enjoying time with family, traveling, or just staying indoors and relaxing. However, there will be times when DECA will come to our minds, and the memories that we made throughout the year with our chapters at DECA events will begin to resurface. If you’re looking for a remedy to this issue and want to find tips on how to avoid the DECA summer slump, you’ve come to the right place!

In order to stay connected with DECA and its members, be sure to follow the state and national social media pages on Instagram and Twitter. That way, you will always be up to date on news and events happening around you. Use social media as a way to reconnect with old and newDECA friends, and try to find ways to hangout with them throughout the summer. The best way to reconnect with members could be by attending the annual Emerging Leaders Summit, this time held in Chicago, Illinois. There, you would find yourself immersed among other DECA andCTSO members, so you will surely not lose your link to the organization. If you missed out on some sweet DECA glass this year, use the summer as an opportunity to refine and polish your skills for the next SCDC and ICDC so you can really outperform your competition.

There are many ways to avoid the DECA slump this summer, so be sure to use all your resources and social media platforms in order to stay connected with the members around you. Share your best DECA related photos this summer and tag @oregondeca on Instagram or Twitter for a possible shoutout.

Happy summer and congratulations on a successful year with DECA. We look forward to seeing every member again in the fall.