The Movement

This year, Oregon DECA has united with over 20 state associations in implementing an exciting new fundraising initiative for MDA.  This initiative, known as “The Movement,” is a student-led effort to raise the bar in terms of what the world thinks students can accomplish. For the 2011-2012 school year, the goal is for DECA chapters to collectively raise $100,000 more for MDA than last year.  The strategy to accomplish this goal is to unite at least 25 states that will convince at least 8 chapters in their association to each raise $500 more than they did last year. If your chapter has not previously raised funds for MDA, we encourage you to join this effort and set a goal of raising a minimum of $500.  If your chapter has been successful at raising funds for MDA, we ask you to “Aspire Higher” and strive to raise more than the additional $500.

The Movement is a two-year project.  The goal for the second year (next school year) is for DECA to raise $1,000,000 for MDA.  Never in the history of DECA have we come close to raising $1,000,000 in one school year.   If we unite, raise the $1,000,000, and make our mark in DECA history, we will raise the bar in terms of what the world thinks DECA students can accomplish. If you would like to join The Movement, please let one of the State Officers know and we will get you started!