Thank You Seniors!

This has been another successful year for our DECA members, and we wanted to be sure and congratulate our graduating seniors for helping to make this year successful. They are and forever will be a vital part of DECA. We will always be thankful to them for being a part of DECA and setting the examples for our members. As our seniors move on to the next chapter of their life, we will stay honoring the legacy that they set.

To our seniors, though your time with DECA may have seemed short it was vitally important. Everything you have given to DECA matters, from your time to your experience, everything has made an impact in what DECA is and what DECA stands for. Leading our state through our chapters and our members, providing both with the knowledge you have gained through your time with DECA. Congratulations Seniors on all of your accomplishments through this past year.

We owe our seniors so much for being a part of DECA, for taking time to help advance our state. Through all of the past few years, our seniors have been with us, representing Oregon DECA, both internationally and within the state. We hope that our seniors will continue their participation in DECA by coming back as judges or event volunteers at SCDC or with their local chapter. We wish our seniors all the best for what we are sure will be a bright future!