Testing Tips for Competition

Testing Tips for Competition

With the 2019 State Career Development Conference coming up right around the corner, it’s important to review testing tips to help you get up on stage and win some DECA glass.

  1. Bring a couple #2 pencils, make sure they are not mechanical. Your test proctors may have extras, but you don’t want any additional stress while testing.

  2. Position yourself near a wall clock. Don’t rely on your test proctor giving you countdown time warnings. Even better, bring an analog watch. This will help you complete your test in time.

  3. Double check the number you are bubbling in on the scantron aligns with the question number you are answering. Having your scantron offset by even one question can be disastrous to your exam score.

  4. Circle questions on the exam booklet that you are skipping, in order to quickly return to. This will help you avoid mistakes as described in #3, and will allow you to easily identify which questions you still need to answer.

  5. Be prepared to test when you enter the testing room. Proctors will not allow you to leave the testing room without turning in your scantron. Be sure to use the restroom, drink water, or complete any other necessary tasks before you begin testing.

  6. Once finishing all 100 questions and accurately bubbling in the scantron, quickly scan through the questions and the scantron to ensure you have bubbled in the correct answers. Double check, or even triple check, when you have the time.

With ample preparation and these tips, you should be able to ace the tests at SCDC. We can’t wait to see you there!