Team Decision Making Competitive Tips

It is hard to believe the State Career Development Conference is only a few months away. For those who take interest in competing in team decision case studies, we have great resources in store for you!  All team decision events consist of one DECA Role-Play interview and one DECA 100 question test. We have compiled a list of useful tips to help you THRIVE this year at SCDC.


  • Prepare and practice with your teammate
  • Apply performance indicators to solution plan( 90% of your score)
  • Create props during your role play (business card, PowerPoint, brochure, coupons, agreement, etc.)
  • Divide speaking parts, make sure one team member isn't talking too much or too little
  • Coordinate clothing and Dress For Success (same color dress, tie, shirt etc.)
  • Give your judge a firm handshake
  • Always maintain eye contact with your judge
  • Allow your partner to speak, do not interrupt
  • Do not state your partner is wrong, but rather guide him/her to the correct direction
  • Thank your judge


  • Take practice tests each week
  • Make use of the explanations with answers in the back
  • Carefully read each question, look for key words
  • Eliminate possible answer choices
  • Review questions
  • Work with your partner to study together and encourage each other
  • Study, Study, Study!


If you intend to represent Oregon DECA at ICDC in Anaheim, California, now is the time to start preparing. We will see YOU and your teammate on stage!