State Career Development Conference Overview

On February 26, 2012 hundreds of dedicated DECA members will be all headed to the same place to do the same thing that they all love. These students are making their way to the Jantzen Beach Red Lion hotel in Portland for the 2012 State Career Development Conference to compete to make their way to Salt Lake City for Internationals! This three-day event that consists of competition, social networking, a fun atmosphere and is the highlight of the DECA year. The State Officer team and Board of Trustees are working hard to make it a blast! Are you ready to give your all in your event?

Sunday kicks off the competition with DECA knowledge tests and marks the start of campaigning for State Officer Candidates. Sunday concludes with the opening session where members show their spirit and compete for the Enthusiasm Award.

Monday starts with role-plays and written event presentations. State Officer Candidates will be busy campaigning and preparing to give their speech at the mini award session Monday night. Monday ends with the Oregon DECA social activity which is sure to be the topic of conversation for days afterward.

Tuesday is the last day of SCDC 2012, and competitive events conclude. Tuesday night is the moment of truth for many as they find out if they made it to the International Career Development Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah! State Officer Candidates will find out that they have been elected by their peers to serve Oregon DECA as a State Officer. Other members will be saying goodbye to the friends they made and wishing they could be at SCDC just one more day.