Social Media Summer!

Wow! It has been a great year for Oregon DECA. With a very successful state conference, an amazing ICDC, and a huge gain in audience on our social media accounts, Oregon DECA is on the rise. Now, more so than ever, you can stay connected with Oregon DECA on social media. We use social media to remind members of events, share important news, participate in DECA Inc.’s social media campaigns, and interact with members like you.

Oregon DECA will continue to be active on social media all summer long, especially with DECA’s #SummerOfDECA social media campaign currently running. How can you get involved? Throughout the summer, post fun photos of yourself and your friends throwing up the DECA diamond while you are out doing something fun. The basis of the campaign is to show where you are taking DECA with you during the summer. Then, post the photo using #SummerOfDECA. Also, remember to tag @DECAInc and @OregonDECA so your photo can be seen. The best ones will be shared and reposted for all Oregon DECA members to see.

Oregon DECA is currently active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out our various accounts, which are all linked below. Have a great summer Oregon DECA, and remember to stay connected through social media. Additionally, be on the lookout for social media contests all throughout the summer!


Twitter: @OregonDECA

Instagram: @OregonDECA