SCDC Preparation

SCDC Preparation

Oregon DECA’s 2020 State Career Development Conference (February 23rd-25th) is right around the corner! Here are some ways that you and your chapter can prepare for the conference!

Choose Events for YOU

The events that you compete in will solely represent your knowledge and expertise in that specific field of business. Choose events that you want to compete in. That way, you will be motivated to take the initiative to practice, study, and hone your presentation abilities. Don’t compete in an event just because your friend wants you to do it with them; if you work better by yourself, opt for an individual series event. You will have a better chance at succeeding if you have the self-motivation and self-determination to succeed.

Hosting or Attending Competition Practices

If you are a Chapter Officer, you should arrange a before school or after school competition practice session. At practices, everyone is given the opportunity to strengthen their speaking and impromptu thinking skills by completing practice role plays, and their testing skills by completing practice tests. If you are a member, attend as many practices as you can! By practicing various role plays, it will help you decide which event(s) you’d like to compete in, as well as boost your confidence for the “real thing” at SCDC. It takes practice to succeed!

Take the Initiative provides many resources that are available for anyone who looks for them. Print out sample exams and test yourself! Print out sample events, find someone to be your “judge,” then practice your role play skills. Even take the time to practice presenting your written event in-front of your family too! You can do all of these things in the comfort of your own home to improve the skills that you already have — you simply need to take the initiative to want to succeed!

Join our GroupMe Group-chats!

Your OR DECA State Officer Team created two statewide group-chats on GroupMe: one for the entirety of Oregon DECA and one specifically for Chapter Officers (which is also open for anyone to join!). In these group-chats, you will have the opportunity to network with members across the state from different schools and develop friendships before you meet in-person in February! This is a great opportunity to share any roleplay or testing tips that you have and ask your State Officer Team any questions that you might have. For more information on how to join any of the group-chats, send a message to @oregondeca on Instagram, or talk to your advisor.

-Vanisa Khamkhosy