SCDC is Just Around the Corner!

SCDC 2013 was full of competition, networking, leadership, teamwork, and enthusiasm!  “SCDC 2013 was my first DECA conference and it was amazing,” says Bend Senior High School DECA member Luci Charlton, “I learned a ton about all of the incredible things DECA has to offer and it made me really excited for the rest of my experience in DECA as well as all of the things I’d like to accomplish during my time as a member.”  Another student from Bend Senior High School, Bailey Arritola, shares her thoughts about SCDC: “Last year I experienced SCDC for the first time and it really expanded my perspective.  I met so many new people and made friends that will last a lifetime.  I can’t wait to make even more friends and memories at this year’s state conference!”

The 2014 Oregon DECA State Career Development Conference will be held February 23rd to February 25th. By attending SCDC this year, you will have the chance to make it on stage and qualify for the International Career Development Conference!

ICDC 2014 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, and will provide the opportunity to meet students from around the world.  Zoe Raiter and Maiah Hall from Bend Senior High School both qualified for ICDC 2013 and would like to share that experience with the rest of Oregon DECA.  “You get to take the project you’ve been spent practically every ounce of your energy on and put it to the test.  There’s no better feeling than your hard work paying off,” says Zoe.  “It’s not just a competition,” agrees Maiah, “it’s a way to meet members from all over the world and see what they’re been dedicating their time to for the past six months.”

If your chapter would like to attend the 2014 State Career Development Conference, then make sure to register. You can find the registration packet for SCDC here. Remember that the deadline to turn in your registration information  is January 28th!

- Janelle Bond