Oregon DECA Hits Salem!

Two Oregon DECA state officers, Brian Josephson and Patrick Davis, were given the opportunity to represent Oregon DECA at our state capitol alongside other student leaders from other career and technical student organizations early this February. While at the capitol, the two of them met with your state legislators to advocate for DECA and its cause.

On the first day, Brian and Patrick met with the other students and they discussed the topics that they would be advocating for while present at the capitol the next day. They also learned how they would be advocating for each of the bills that they discussed.

On the second day, the officers go to work. Throughout the day, Brian and Patrick spoke with six different legislators, and Patrick even met Governor Kate Brown! In each of their meetings, they were able to talk about the impact DECA has had in their lives, and the lives of other students in the State of Oregon. Their efforts will surely help Oregon DECA and its future endeavors.

Interested in advocating for DECA? Send a letter to your representative!