Mitul's 2019-2020 Conference Preview

Mitul's 2019-2020 Conference Preview

It is time for the start of a new DECA year. For this 2019-2020 DECA year you will need to be ready to take in all the magic DECA has to offer I guarantee it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Please be aware of all the conferences coming up, which we should all markdown on your calendars you don’t want to miss out on these fun, exciting, and educational conferences. 

  • OLI 

    • East - October 30 

    • West - November 1

  • Chapter Conferences

    • Upon Request - School Starts

  • Power Trip 

    • Washington D.C. - November 15 - 17

  • SCDC 

    • Portland, OR - February 23 - 25

  • ICDC 

    • Nashville, TN - April 29 - May 2

Now that we all know these dates, we hope to see all of you amazing Oregon DECA Members at these DECA Conferences. You might have district competitions that are not listed above so make sure to talk to your advisor for further information. I hope all of you get to soak up all that DECA has to offer this year because they truly benefit you in so many ways. They will give you a chance to Network, Travel, get some experience, and most importantly better yourself. 

Mitul Patel, Vice President of Marketing