#Limitless Year

#Limitless Year

Are you ready for an #limitless year? Of course you are! The last quarter of 2017 is packed full with activities, and the fun extends into 2018. This article reviews some of the upcoming events for the outlined year.

Only a couple of months away, the Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) will be held October 29-30th in Bend, Oregon. This event invites all Oregon CTSOs to come together and attend one amazing event. Anticipate a lot of networking! Members can expect to gain leadership experience from the different workshops they can attend, and this year the Oregon DECA State Officer Team will be presenting two workshops. One of the workshops will be competition orientated, preparing members for those notorious roleplays (members of all levels invited). The second workshop can get more emotional where attendees will explore the more personal side of themselves and reflect on their past successes. Afterwards, everyone can look forward towards the etiquette dinner where they will be taught how to eat fancy.

Less than a month later, the Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC) will take place in Phoenix, Arizona between the dates of November 16-19th. At this conference, Oregon DECA members will have the opportunity to network with other members from the region. Bring together over 2,600 students and advisors, it is one of the biggest conferences to explore career options and receive competition training. Make sure to show up and represent west coast as the best coast!

Among the last months of 2017, all districts will have their District Skills Competition. Districts are essentially mini SCDCs. Expect to take a test, participate in a role play, and receive valuable feedback from judges. Plain and simple as that!

Fastforwarding to 2018, the Oregon DECA SCDC will occur February 11-13th at the usual location, Red Lion Hotel. For new members, each year Oregon DECA holds a State Career Development Conference. During this conference, members will be able to take tests, participate in role plays, and give written events. With an abundant leisure time members can explore campaign booths and engage with the different officer candidates. With enough practice and dedication, members can win awards and get to know if they qualify for the International Career Development Conference.

The 2018 ICDC will take in April 11-14th in Atlanta, Georgia! This is the ultimate platform to test your skills against participants from all over the world. Not only is this a great opportunity to participate in your event, DECA Inc. will organize activities to explore the beautiful city of Atlanta.

In this upcoming year, we hope to see you at all these #limitless events!