Leadership Council Recap

Leadership Council Recap

October Leadership Council Recap

Hello Oregon DECA members! In case you missed the first of three total leadership councils hosted by your state officers do not worry. We have decided to make a recap to allow every member the opportunity to benefit their chapter. Summarized key points of our Leadership councils could be a valuable resource to reference after the call. However, attending the calls allow more in depth information and the opportunity to ask your state officers any questions you want referring to the material, upcoming events, and even support tips to help chapters or individual members. 

Leadership Council: 

Why? The purpose of the Leadership Council is to provide support for chapters and their officers through collaboration and outreach. We also want to use this as a time when you can ask any questions and get answers to those questions. To seek additional information about the leadership council, there is a full PDF packet on oregondeca.org in the state officer tab under the label, “Leadership Council”. 

When? We will be holding three meetings throughout the year.  The first is the one weare on here today. The next will be held Dec. 7. Finally, Feb 2 will round out our year heading into SCDC.

Membership and Recruiting:

There are many ways to attract new DECA Members. The best way is try to make the information you are telling/showing them the most personal. Capitalize on DECA Inc materials such as videos from ICDC, located on their Youtube and social media, skills on how to make a DECA story, or even potential chances to be a part of DECA inc social media challenges.

Social Media Kit:

Oregon DECA will be releasing a number of graphics throughout the year for chapters to use for their social media. You can use these for recruitment, advertisement, newsletters, etc. With these logos and branding of the DECA name the best way to utilize these materials is through proper social media outputs; Snapchat and Instagram being great ways to easily past information.

Upcoming Conferences:

Western Region Leadership Conference

This year the Western Region Leadership Conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona on November 16th through November 19th. Western Region Leadership Conference is planned by national DECA executives and Arizona DECA and is one of the most memorable conferences DECA has. Along with event companions the conference will consists of a marketing fair, a college career fair and leadership academies. The Western Region Leadership Conference will bring together over 2,000 DECA members and advisors from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Students attending can look forward to incredible keynote speakers, influential workshops and cutting edge exhibits. This is the Western Region’s ICDC!

District Competitions

District I and II

What? District I and district II will be holding a joint competition this year

Where? Sabin Schellenberg 

When? December 2nd from 10am-1:45 pm

Events? Three events to compete in including Human Resource Management, Sport and Entertainment Marketing, and Principle of Marketing.

District III

Where? Oregon Technical Institute 

When? Monday October 23rd from 9am-2pm

Events? Five events to choose from, including 4 individual role plays and 1 team event.

Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI)

What? An opportunity to attend a wide variety of workshops to further develop leaderships skills and meet other members from Oregon CTSO’s (Career Technical Student Organizations)

Where?  Riverhouse Convention Center, Bend Oregon. 

When? Sunday October 29th - Tuesday October 31st

Events? Wide range of workshops from goal setting to dressing for success. CTSO meetings, general session meetings, and an etiquette dinner.