Klamath Union DECA Raises Over $4,000

For the past 34 years, DECA, Inc. has been a national sponsor for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) raising over five million dollars to support the organization's cause to find treatments and cures for neuromuscular diseases. As a result of this stronger partnership, DECA Local Chapter Advisor, Nat Ellis and students in the Klamath Union DECA Chapter got creative to help a local child diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

The local chapter is auctioning off over 1,100 small toys from their local chapter advisor's happy meal toy collection to raise money to purchase a Tankchair for local four year old Logan Roninger. Logan, who's parents are both biologists, loves to spend time outdoors with his parents, which will be more accessible to Logan and his family with the help of the new chair.

Since posting the toys online for auction, the local chapter has raised over $4,000 with donations continuing to come in to support their cause. Klamath Union DECA and their advisor have also received a significant amount of national news coverage as well. NBC's Today, and  several other news outlets have covered the story--click here to read the article. Local TV Station KOBI5 also aired this video highlighting Klamath Union's philanthropic efforts.

 To learn more about Logan and to help Klamath Union DECA meet their goal of raising $5,000 please visit Logan's YouCaring page. For more information regarding the DECA, Inc. and Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) partnership please visit www.mda.org/deca.