Individual Events

Individual Events

With SCDC right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about individual events you may be interested in competing in. To get a leg-up on the competition, here are some helpful tips to help you be #ReadyForIt for the 2019 State Career Development Conference:

  1. Be strategic about your selection of events. While the four content clusters are marketing, finance, hospitality, and management, individual series events are more nuanced. If you are taking an accounting class, think about signing up for Accounting Applications Event (ACT). The same applies for if you are taking specialized classes such as fashion marketing, business law, or marketing. Conserve time by selecting events that you have background knowledge in.

  2. Avoid unnecessary stress at SCDC. Check with your advisor to make sure the timing of your individual series events will not coincide with a written event or team event. Your advisor has this information, but before you submit your registration make sure you double check to avoid confusion at SCDC.

  3. Stick with it. If you have competed at a District Skills competition, SCDC, or ICDC before in an individual event and not gotten DECA glass, don’t be dissuaded. Having this experience testing and doing two role plays will allow you to improve this year. Consider signing up for an individual event you’ve done before to see how much you can improve. 

  4. If you are a first-year student, sign up for Principles. As a first year member, you have the unique opportunity to compete in a Principles event. These events are also individual, but consist of a test and only one role play. This is a great way to get acclimated to the DECA environment which can be overwhelming. Take the opportunity while you can.

  5. Select an event and start prepping now! This is the best tip to do well at SCDC. With two months away from SCDC, doing practice MC tests, and practice role plays with an advisor or peer will put you at an enormous advantage in comparison to your peers. 

We can’t wait to see you #ReadyForIt for your individual series events at Jantzen Beach in February. Best of luck!