ICDC Success!

ICDC Success!

Congratulations to Oregon DECA for having an outstanding performance at ICDC this year! We would like to give special recognition to Tara Menon and Anna Nixon of Westview, and Cayden Henslee of Klamath Union, for bringing home that DECA glass. ICDC this year was full of many highlights, starting from Day 1 all the way till the last day. 

The first day was full of the standard ICDC preparation. In the morning, Six Flags was open to the public and a few chapters from Oregon got their fair share of thrill and excitement. The day moved towards Oregon’s annual ICDC state meeting, where the officer team got to meet their delegation and advisors for the first time. After a meeting full of excitement, the officer team lead the members to the Mercedes Benz Stadium for a night of ICDC hype. There, Jaron May and the rest of the 2017-2018 officer team kicked off ICDC. Alongside the executive team, keynote speaker Joseph Abboud gave to all 20,000+ people attending the opening session.

The rest of the week was full of a mix of visiting different attractions in the city as well as competing against other DECA members in written events and rokeplays. However, a few members of our delegation were aiding in Dhrushil Patel campaign for Executive President of DECA. Mr. Patel spent the week running his campaign and meeting with voting delegates from different states. We would like to give special recognition to him for running a phenomenal campaign and wish him the best in his future endeavors. 

ICDC this year was strong for the Oregon Delegation. The list below recognizes all of our top 10 finalists as well as our two DECA glass winners:

Tara Menon and Anna Nixon (Westview High School)- 2nd Place in BTDM

Cayden Hensless (Klamath Union High School)- 3rd in ASM

Daniel Chen and Justin Bao (Westview High School)- Top 10 in ETDM

Bharath Namboothiry (Westview High School)- Top 10 in BFS

Ashley Zhu (South Salem High School)- Top 10 in ESB

Meg Takara (South Salem High School) Top 10 in SEOR 

Sreetej Kalapatapu and Advaith Nair (Westview High School)- Top 10 in IBP

Congratulations to the rest of our delegation for attending ICDC 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. We hope to see our returning members  at the 2019 ICDC in Orlando, Florida!