ICDC Social Media Correspondents

ICDC Social Media Correspondents

Emily Allen from Westview High School and Trent Rabe from Henley High School were recently both announced as social media correspondents on the @tlanta live social media team at ICDC 2018. Both were accomplished competitors at SCDC and will be competing in their respective events at ICDC. As part of this team, Emily and Trent will primarily be sharing #DECAICDC content on their Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media sites, as well as having their content highlighted on the @DECAInc social media accounts. Furthermore, they will have the chance to create content related to ICDC 2018 on DECA Direct, accessible to all DECA members. If you happen to run into them in Atlanta, be sure to tag them in any posts related to ICDC. You might even be able to make it onto their social media!

Oregon DECA needs to support our creators so they can complete a successful term as social media correspondent. Make sure to tweet #DECAICDC while in Atlanta!

You can follow Emily Allen and Trent Rabe on their social media pages:

Instagram handles: ema_liz_allen, trent_rabe

Twitter handle: Emily_allen02, trent_rabe