Looking Back at ICDC: One Month Later

One month ago today, Oregon DECA members, advisors, and chaperones left from the comfort of home to fly to the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia, our gracious host for DECA’s 2018 International Career Development Conference. Oregon DECA’s best arrived in Downtown Atlanta with visions of DECA glass for competitive events and leadership growth in workshops and academies.

The next day, ICDC got kicked into full gear for its first official day. Some got off to an early start with the annual DECA 5k, but most took the extra sleep. Right after, DECA members from across the nation filed into Six Flags for DECA Day, with many chapters from Oregon getting their fair share of thrill and excitement. As the day moved on, anticipation built for the night’s Grand Opening Session. However, the Oregon delegation would have to wait just a little longer because of our annual ICDC opening state meeting, where the officer team greeted our delegation and advisors for the first time. After a meeting full of Oregon’s signature energy and enthusiasm, the officer team lead the members to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a night of ICDC hype. Beginning with the deafening Parade of Flags, the Grand Opening Session set the tone for this year’s ICDC. There, Executive President Jaron May, Western Region Vice President Hayley Haas, and the rest of the 2017-2018 officer team kicked off ICDC. Alongside the executive team, keynote speaker Joseph Abboud delivered a riveting address to all 20,000+ people attending the opening session.

The rest of the week was filled with opportunities to visit different attractions in the city, such as DECA Night at Pemberton Palace and the DECA Concert by Andy Grammer at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. But members did not stay distracted for too long, with written event presentations, tests, and role-plays commanding the attention of our competitors. Even those that did not compete were captivated by the wealth of knowledge presented at this year’s workshops and academies. In addition, a few members devoted their time and effort towards serving as voting delegates, as well as members of the Dhrushil Patel for Executive President campaign. Dhru and his team spent the week running his campaign and meeting with voting delegates from almost every single association in the organization. We would like to give special recognition to Dhru for running a phenomenal campaign and making it to the final round run-off for the Executive Presidency.

The final day began with the much-awaited Achievement Awards Session, where competitors were recognized for their performance on tests, and in the initial round of role-plays and written event presentations. Additionally, a select group of competitors were chosen to advance to the final round of competition, where they vied for a spot within the top ten, and possibly even some DECA glass. As the day progressed, we wrapped up our time together as a delegation with the our closing state meeting. There, we thanked all of our amazing advisors and celebrated our amazing success as delegation. Sadly, we bid farewell to our Oregon DECA seniors, including our only 4x ICDC competitor, Ashley Zhu. At the close of the meeting, members gathered for one big picture and headed off to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the last time.

Oregon’s competitors did not disappoint, as seen in the Grand Awards Session. We would like to give special recognition to Tara Menon and Anna Nixon and Cayden Henslee for bringing home that DECA glass. The list below recognizes all of our top 10 finalists as well as our two DECA glass winners.

Tara Menon and Anna Nixon (Westview High School)- 2nd Place in BTDM

Cayden Hensless (Klamath Union High School)- 3rd in ASM

Daniel Chen and Justin Bao (Westview High School)- Top 10 in ETDM

Bharath Namboothiry (Westview High School)- Top 10 in BFS

Ashley Zhu (South Salem High School)- Top 10 in ESB

Meg Takara (South Salem High School) Top 10 in SEOR 

Sreetej Kalapatapu and Advaith Nair (Westview High School)- Top 10 in IBP

Congratulations to Oregon DECA for having an outstanding performance at ICDC this year! Although our time in Atlanta is now past, we really enjoyed attending ICDC 2018 with you in Atlanta, Georgia. We hope to see our returning members  at the 2019 ICDC in Orlando, Florida!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback regarding your ICDC 2018 experience, please contact any members of our State Officer Team.