ICDC Recap

The 2011 State Career Development Conference was incredibly competitive, and a lucky few students were able to ascend further into competition at the International Career Development Conference. This year’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) was held in Orlando, Florida. Attendees stayed at the beautiful Royal Plaza Hotel, only minutes from the various Disney World theme parks. From Harry Potter World, to Downtown Disney, Orlando had a large assortment of amusement parks and activities for these students. However, the most important part for the majority of these students was their competition. Oregon DECA experienced tremendous success at ICDC this year. 20 students and teams placed top 20 in their events, and even more placed in their role plays and tests. A great number of these students made it to the top 10 after finals including the outstanding team of Zyanya Agulair-Nelson and Marissa Kreitzer who placed second in the world in the Buying and Merchandising Operations Research event. All of us at Oregon DECA are extremely proud of all the finalists, and those who made it to internationals. If Oregon DECA is able to keep up this trend, we are looking at an excellent future. Great job all those who made it to nationals, and to those who didn’t-we can’t wait for next year for you to go above and beyond![gallery columns="2"]