ICDC 2013

Last month—April 23 to April 27—16,000 students from across the nation ventured to Anaheim, California to indulge in academic competition and attend leadership conferences at DECA's 2013 ICDC (International Career Development Conference).  Among these 16,000 were 247 Oregon DECA members.   While in Anaheim, these students were able to enjoy everything that southern California has to offer, and learn more about becoming the future leaders of America.

ICDC was a huge success for Oregon DECA this year and we were very successful in competition compared to past years.  The overall effect it had on our members was fantastic! Our state officers were able to address our members as their new 2013-2014 state officer team for the first time since being elected in February at the Oregon DECA SCDC (State Career Development Conference). Another key aspect of ICDC was the networking that took place, both in person as well as on social media.  Our officers and other members, connected with DECA students from all over the country and DECA related social media posts climbed to over 9 million. All in all, the 2013 International Career Development Conference was a huge success for Oregon DECA and we look forward to all the progress there is to be made this year.