Get Ready for SCDC 2015!

With the 60th Oregon DECA State Career Development Conference approaching quickly, it is very important that you are prepared when the competition starts! The first step to success in competition is dressing the part, so make sure that you have appropriate professional attire (maybe even consider coordinating with your partner if you are doing a team event or a written event). Once you have your attire ready to go, it is time to practice, practice, practice!

You do not want to be unprepared when it is your time to shine in front of the judges at SCDC. If you are doing a role-play, make sure that you find some past role-plays and present to your advisor or fellow DECA members. Ask them for feedback so that you know what to improve on for the real competition. Also, brush up on your business terminology and knowledge for those tough Key Performance Indicators.

If you are competing in a written event, spend ample time putting together a professional and eye-catching presentation to WOW the judges! Make sure to practice your speech multiple times each week so that you know it by heart. Keep in mind that if something goes wrong during your presentation, keep going with your speech; not letting small mishaps mess you up will show the judges that you really know your information! Finally, all role plays and some written events require that you take an exam. This is a significant part of your overall score, so be sure to take practice tests so you are ready for the real thing.

I wish you the best of luck in your competitive events at the 2015 Oregon DECA State Career Development Conference. Whether you win or lose, the conference is one that you will always remember as being an exciting moment of your high school career. See you there Oregon DECA!