College & Career Ready with DECA 

DECA’s competitive events program directly supports our mission to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. At both the high school and college levels, DECA's competitive events program uses time-tested techniques that apply learning, connect to business and promote competition to directly contribute to every student being college or career ready by focusing on the following outcomes.


Academically Prepared

DECA’s competitive events provide a vehicle for members to demonstrate National Curriculum Standards through individual or team activities and to develop and employ the key skills of analysis, application of knowledge, creative problem solving and logical presentation.


Community Oriented 

DECA’s competitive events help members explore their communities, participate in an environment of cooperation and recognize their responsibility to the community.


Professionally Responsible 

DECA’s competitive events encourage members to develop ethics, integrity and high standards while assuming responsibility for self-improvement and self-discipline.


Experienced Leaders 

DECA’s competitive events provide constructive avenues for team expression, initiative and creativity.