Fundraising Ideas for SCDC

Oregon DECA, we have three months until SCDC. Are you ready? Well ready or not, here it comes! What that means is that fundraising for many is in full swing. As the State Officers collaborated at the August meeting in Portland, a fountain of fundraising ideas began flowing. If you are having trouble with fundraising for SCDC or want to spice it up and do something different, then you are in luck! Some examples include: Klamath Union DECA creates partnerships with local businesses to obtain sponsorship, Willamette DECA hosts a talent show and Westview host a practice SAT test. Some other easy and fast fundraising ideas are: pre-sell Krispy Kreme Donuts, work at a school-based enterprise, have a bake sale at sports and town events, ask your family members for help, or find out about cleaning up a local sports stadium after a game. There are absolutely no limits to fundraising. The main word in fundraising is fun, so make sure you keep your spirits high and smiles wide.