Fundraising plays an important role in every chapter, as raising funds can mean the difference between going to ICDC or not. This article discusses certain ideas that your chapter can use to raise any necessary funds.

The first is to partner with businesses. Many businesses offer fundraising opportunities, and it can be worthwhile to contact them to ask about these opportunities. What they usually do is give you a certain percentage of the revenue. Examples of great businesses are Chipotle and See’s Candies. Chipotle will give you 50% of the revenue earned during the time period of the fundraiser and See’s Candies will give you a certain dollar value based on the candy sold. You can check out their website or go in-person to ask about what your chapter can set up. To hold a successful fundraiser with businesses, spreading awareness is key. Make sure to advertise the event on social media and word of mouth so more people will attend the fundraiser.

Fundraising within your chapter can be effective as well. Ranging from bake sales to toy drives, asking your school to bring or donate items can help raise money. This method works best when there are lots of active members within your chapter, willing to bring items for the fundraiser. It’s also the most simple members can bring them from home. One way to encourage participation in these fundraisers is to offer “incentivized events.” For example, if your chapter raises $50, a chapter officer will get pied in the face. If 100$ is raised, the advisor will dye his hair DECA blue. The possibilities are limitless. The idea here is to get members excited about the fundraiser, because enthusiasm ultimately raises the most money.