First Year DECA Memories

Imagine being lost inside a large confusing hotel amongst hundreds of teenagers.  People are yelling at you to vote for them across the room while you’re frantically trying to get to your destination on time.  You’re rehearsing your presentation while making your way through the blur of navy blazers and pressed dress shirts.  You’re tapping your foot and clicking your pen as you wait nervously for your turn to compete.   As DECA members, we don’t need to imagine this; we have all lived it.  And for most of us, our first time at the Oregon State Career Development Conference was truly memorable.

Julia Jenkins, a senior at Sabin-Schellenberg Center, describes her time as a sophomore when she first arrived at SCDC: “It was funny as a first year competitor trying to frantically find the correct ballroom or meeting room in the hotel.  I was just beginning to learn what ‘DECA time’ was, but I quickly found out and started to come fifteen minutes before my DECA time. That way, it eliminated a rushed search, or a forgotten pencil.  Once I felt good about a role play, I saved that pencil.  It was my lucky pencil that would take me on stage.”

Whether or not you made it to ICDC your first year, experiencing SCDC definitely helps everyone prepare for next year’s conference.  Looking back to your first state conferences, you all know how hectic and confusing it can really be.  But acing your test, perfecting that presentation, and making your way to the stage makes it all worthwhile!