Fall Fundraising!

Fall Fundraising!

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, your DECA chapter will have a number of opportunities to set up fundraising that will help to get all the members to events such as SCDC or ICDC. Holiday season is perfect to setup your chapter for financial success in terms of regional and international events. Here is a list of possible fundraising events that would fit the holiday theme and provide additional funds to support any DECA related trips.

1. Host a fun community car wash

2. Make treats with your friends and neighbors for a bake sale

3. Organize a holiday dance for teachers, parents and students

4. Work with local businesses to sponsor a fundraiser or sell product (See’s Candies, Krispy Kreme)

5. Have a trivia night with questions about students and advisors of your DECA chapter, to get to know your fellow members before SCDC/ICDC

With a variety of fundraising events, your chapter can be #ReadyforIt in order to support all the expenses for your members. Talk to your advisors, start up promotion for the fundraising, and get these events started so that your chapter will be ready for SCDC and ICDC.