Explaining DECA this Holiday Season

By: Joni Castillo- District I Vice President

You’re sitting at the Thanksgiving Dinner table with all of your loved ones having a good time when suddenly, you find yourself talking about school. You try to quickly change the subject off of your grades, or love interests, and explain that you are in DECA this year. The next thing that Grandma ask is, “Oh honey, what’s a DECA? Is it a club?” You wait for a second not really knowing how to answer, but you reply with “Yeah it’s a marketing club.”


Close, but no.


Although, DECA does focus on marketing we are actually an organization. Rather than passive aggressively stating that DECA is an organization, you can say the DECA mission statement. Your answer should sound something like this:


“DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. Now let me explain what that means in a simpler way, DECA is a marketing organization where we compete by answering a question given to us in front of a judge and meet new people.”


And with that, you have shown Grandma who's DECA boss. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our DECA members in Oregon and around the nation.