District I Skills Competition

Congratulations to all of you who attended the District II Skills Competition! It turned out to be an amazing success. For those wanting to attend the District I Skills Competition, it’s coming up on January 24th! The District packet will be sent out soon and the registration deadline is January 9th. You can attend this competition to sharpen your skills for the state conference. At this competition, there will be three events to choose from. For first year competitors, there is a Principles of Marketing event (PMK) and for all other competitors, there will be a Quick Serve Restaurant Management Series, and a Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making event. The total cost will be $15.00, which includes lunch. The conference will begin at 10:00am and end around 1:15pm and will be held at Sabin-Schellenberg Center at the south campus. Students from any district are welcome to join as long as registration is completed by the due date (Advisors received the registration packet via email). We look forward to seeing you there!