District Event Success

The District Skills Competitions saw another great year of competition preparation throughout all three districts here in Oregon. The students who attended got an early glimpse of what is to come at the State Career Development Conference in February. 

The District I Skills Competition was held at Sabin-Schellenberg Center in January and had around 90 students compete from six different Portland-area chapters. The competition could not have happened without the help of our volunteer judges and advisors. Awards were given out to the top competitors in each competition category.

The District II Skills Competition was held at Sprague High School in November.  50 students from Sprague, Cascade, Central Linn, and Springfield High School attended to compete. Volunteers from the Salem community and the different schools came to help direct the flow of competition. Awards were given out to the top three participants in testing and role plays. Students were also given one-on-one feedback on their role plays from judges.

District III had their annual Boot-Camp at Crater High School this past September. Many schools attended including our two new chapters: Henley, and Ashland High School. There were many team building activities and they practiced going through role-plays. Following Boot-Camp there have been many District Competitive Events held by different schools all over Southern Oregon helping to prepare everyone for SCDC.

This year has boasted many opportunities for students to hone their DECA skills and knowledge. Attending and competing in various district activities helps strengthen students for competition and allows them to apply business and marketing concepts they are currently learning in the classroom. If you did not make it to a district even this year, plan to attend one during the 2015-2016 school year!