DECA Week, October 9th-15th

It’s getting close... are you ready for it? Yes, its DECA week! Starting October 9, DECA will be on all our minds. Do you need ideas for your chapter? To start National DECA has three great ideas you should always take part in. The first being community outreach, DECA members love helping their local community in all sorts of ways, it shows the community how much they care. Many ideas are: helping clean up your town’s main street, starting a recycling program at your school, and helping your local food bank. These are all great ideas for helping your local community. DECA also gives great ideas to show more enthusiasm towards our Alumni program. Tell a great story about one of your chapter's Alumni. Send it in to National DECA and be granted prizes for your whole chapter. You can find more information about this at A third way DECA would like to get you involved is by increasing your membership numbers. Oregon DECA has taken this on with an extra High-Five Challenge drawing specifically for members who joined during DECA week. Show your school how cool DECA is and that they should be a part of one of the coolest organizations around. Plus win some really great prizes for your schools chapter. If you are looking for more ideas like how to spice up your chapter in the upcoming DECA week, make sure to look at the National DECA page at: to find some great ideas and inspire your