DECA Manuals

DECA Manuals

The feeling of winning DECA Glass is an unforgettable experience. DECA members have the opportunity to compete in a variety of events that fall into three categories: roleplays, online events, and manuals. 

Manuals are a great form of competition because there is such a wide range of options. There are many different subjects that a written event can cover. A manual is a written business plan that has a unique set of guidelines based on the event genre. Manuals range in length; the shortest five pages and longest up to thirty pages. Each event has a maximum limit for number of pages, but it does not have to be reached. 

Members hoping to win should always try to be unique. A great way to do this is coming up with unique business ideas and innovative ways to address business problems. There are many other students competing against you, so you should give the judges a reason to remember your manual. 

Setting deadlines is another great competition tip for manuals. Setting deadlines allows you to stay ahead of tasks and avoid becoming overwhelmed at the submission deadline. Past DECA members can be an amazing resource. See if you can get one of the alumni from your chapter to read over your manual before you present it. Make sure you ask them for feedback and presentation tips, they know more than you might think. Alumni who have written manuals and presented them at state or ICDC have valuable tips for success. 

Overall, manuals are a great way to compete for DECA and the value of being successful feels amazing after all the time sweat and tears are done.