Conference Packing Tips

Oregon DECA has several conferences and competitions taking place within the upcoming year. Your State officer team would like to encourage all of you to attend as many events as possible so you can practice your skills and Make It Count!  In order to attend these conferences you’ll need to be dressed in professional attire. But as most everyone knows cramming all of your blazers, dress shoes, nylons, socks, ties, etc. into one suitcase can seem pretty difficult. To make packing for conferences a little easier your state officer team has compiled a list of tips and tricks to ensure that you’re prepared!

-         Pick out your outfits ahead of time!  If you have a plan for what you’re going to wear, then you’ll only bring the necessities.  Packing too many items is a waste of space, so only bring what you’ll need!

-         Make a packing list!  Waking up on the morning of your role play and finding out that you forgot something is the worst!  Make sure to remember the basics; socks, shoes, nylons, ties, etc.  If you do end up leaving something behind, add it to a new packing list when you get home so you can remember that item for future events.

-         Bring extra hangers!  When sharing a hotel room with other students from your chapter, space is limited.  Hangers will prevent excess wrinkles, save space, and help keep your room organized!

We look forward to seeing you at various conferences this year!

By: Janelle Bond