Competitive Events Sponsorship Program

Back for a second year is the Oregon DECA Competitive Events Sponsorship Program! Last year we were able to secure first place sponsorships for nine events. Our ultimate goal is to provide $100 first place travel awards for each event ($150 for team events and written projects). We need your help to be able to achieve this goal and provide our members with scholarships!

It is time to reach out to those you know, and ask for their donation that will aid in sending Oregon DECA students to the International Career Development Conference. You can direct interested individuals or organizations to our website, where the sponsorship form can be accessed and filled out (click "Competitive Events Sponsorship").  If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Oregon DECA at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: These are travel awards specifically for ICDC.  The awards will not be sent directly to students.  The dollars will be credited towards the ICDC registration costs for the student(s).  If the first place winner(s) in any event choose not to attend ICDC or select a different competitive event, the dollars remain with the event and the student(s) that move up into first place will then qualify for the award.  A student(s) cannot take the award with them if they choose to compete in a different event at ICDC or choose not to attend ICDC at all.  The award stays with the event and goes to the first place individual/team or the individual/team that bumps up into first place.