Chapter Vists

As the next year of DECA begins chapters are beginning to create and schedule chapter events. What better way to hold a chapter event than by inviting a state officer to enjoy it with you! Whether your chapter is holding a meeting, study party, or chapter retreat, your state officers would love to join you! So far this year your state officers have already visited a few chapters and we would love to visit more.

If you are thinking about inviting an officer, please contact any of the state officers. Our contact information can be found on the Oregon DECA website. No matter what the event your state officers would love to help make it great. All of the officers can present on a multitude of topics such as conferences, competition and DECA programs. Officers can help explain to new members what DECA is and the advantages DECA offers to its members.

There is no better way to get your chapter involved than to have a chapter visit. Talk to your advisor today about inviting an officer to your next chapter event.

 By: Austin Damron