2019-2020 State Officer Biographies

Kit Lance
South Medford High School
State President

Serving as President as an incoming senior at South Medford High, located in southern Oregon, Kit Lance is looking forward to representing Oregon DECA as a state officer for a second term. Kit has been a part of the organization for three years now and has had the privilege to experience many of the events that DECA has to offer and meet a myriad of its brilliant members. Before her time as an officer, she served as her DECA chapter’s Vice President of Career Development and her SkillsUSA chapter’s Vice President and Social Media manager for the duration of her sophomore year. 

Alongside DECA, Kit is a competitive rower for Rogue Rowing and a member of the National Honor Society. Kit goes out of her way to take challenging AP and Honors courses each year and maintains an accumulative, unweighted 4.0 GPA. She is looking towards attending a four year university and plans to major in pre-medical in order to eventually become a surgeon. For Kit, DECA has been and continues to be an incredible resource for meeting people, gaining powerful leadership and speaking skills, and expanding her professional view. She wants all students to be aware of and have access to this invaluable organization and is therefore honored to represent it through her position in state office.

Jerrihaun Robinson
South Medford High School
Vice President of Leadership

Jerrihaun Robinson serves as the 2019-2020 Oregon DECA Vice President of Leadership as a senior from South Medford High School. Having dedicated to the organization in his junior year, Jerrihaun was enticed by the prospect of enhancing his speaking and business related skills. Over the course of his time in DECA, Jerrihaun has met a vast multitude of exceptional DECA members and become exceptionally passionate about the organization and its mission. 

Alongside DECA, Jerrihaun is very active in both his school and community. He is a veteran actor, speaker, debater, and singer, and has held the position of class president of the class of 2020. Within his community, Jerrihaun has worked with Compassion Highway and the Black Student Union in order to better the conditions of his community. Jerrihaun plans to attend a state school and graduate with honors before attending a graduate school in order to attain a PhD in law or political science. After finishing his higher education, Jerrihaun intends to pursue a career in national or international politics. Along the way or upon retirement, Jerrihaun also hopes to start a company, write novels, and create art. DECA has brought out the best in Jerrihaun and taught him innumerable ways to improve his professional skills. He views the organization with utmost admiration and respect, and acknowledges its importance in preparing the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and business oriented individuals.

Mitul Patel
Henley High School
Vice President of Marketing

Mitul is from Henley High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and he is currently a junior in high school. Mitul is excited to be serving as Oregon DECA’s VP of Marketing. Mitul joined DECA his freshman year, being a part of Henley DECA. He joined DECA because of his brother Dhru Patel, luckily he got to see his brother serve as an Oregon DECA State Officer. Mitul says “DECA has it all you get to meet people, make amazing friends, learn valuable qualities, I got to see my brother Dhru Patel speak on so many stages, and make so many amazing friends that ever since freshman year I wanted to run to be a State Officer and one of my dreams have come true. I can’t wait to meet new people, build an amazing relationship, and I can’t wait to serve Oregon DECA”. 

Mitul Patel has attended 2 Western Region Leadership Conferences (WRLC) and has been to 2 International Career Development Conferences (ICDC). His first time at ICDC he ran his brother's booth while his brother Dhru Patel was running for DECA National President. During this experience Mitul met smart people with amazing personalities, he fell even more in love with DECA through this experience of a lifetime. In addition to DECA, Mitul participates in Engineering Club and HOSA. Mitul wants to go into the field of business so he focuses more on DECA because he feels like it will help prepare him in the future because he wants to get a degree and job in Mergers and Acquisitions, he is planning to go to Oregon State University. A fun fact about Mitul Patel is since the age of only 11 he has been a desk clerk at one of his father's motels. Mitul’s father thought it would be great for him to learn and know how to operate a hotel at a young age. He says it’s something unique about him and he’s thankful for getting the opportunity from his father. Mitul is so excited to be your Vice President of Marketing.

Arthur Khamkhosy
Clackamas High School
Vice President of Finance

Arthur Khamkhosy, an incoming sophomore attending Clackamas High School and Sabin-Schellenberg Technical Center, is eager to serve as VP of Finance for Oregon DECA. Arthur’s sister and current VP of Hospitality, Vanisa, inspired him to join DECA. Ever since Vanisa’s first SCDC in 2017, Arthur has supported his sister by judging her practice roleplays, attending chapter meetings, and watching the SCDC grand award ceremonies. Although Arthur has only been a DECA member for one year, his experiences in DECA have taught him life lessons that he will never forget: the importance of organization and time management, the thrill of competition, and the beauty of friendships. Outside of DECA, Arthur also plays the piano and sings in choir.

In 2018, he and his sister performed a piano duet at an OMTA state-wide showcase. Arthur was also a participant of ACDA’s 2018 All-Northwest Choir and OMEA’s 2019 All-State Choir. Arthur loves helping others and is an active member of Key Club. Being in Calculus his freshman year, Arthur grew a fondness to numbers and its application to business and finance. Arthur hopes to pursue a career in mathematics and teaching, to eventually become a math professor at a university. Arthur wants DECA to be accessible to anyone who has the interest and urge to compete at Oregon SCDC. He believes the knowledge and experience DECA has to offer is priceless and that everyone should have the opportunity to join DECA. Arthur is honored to be Oregon DECA’s VP of Finance and is eager to begin linking great minds to great opportunities!

Vanisa Khamkhosy
Clackamas High School
Vice President of Hospitality

As a member of Sabin-Schellenberg DECA and an incoming senior at Clackamas High School, Vanisa Khamkhosy is thrilled to be able to serve Oregon DECA as the 2019-2020 VP of Hospitality. Vanisa has been a DECA member since her freshman year, and has since reigned as state champion in various tracks of Virtual Business Challenges, with eight VBC plaques so far. In 2017, she attended ICDC in Anaheim for Elevate. Vanisa placed 4th overall in AAM at SCDC 2018, and competed in SBE at ICDC in Atlanta. She currently serves as her chapter’s VP of Fundraising. In addition to DECA, Vanisa sings in both varsity choirs at Clackamas, is currently the A-Choir’s Soprano Section Leader, and is a part of Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree. 

Vanisa holds active memberships in National Honor Society, Key Club, Math Honor Society, and Asian Student Union. Additionally, she has been taking piano lessons since the age of three, and is a rehearsal accompanist for Reedwood Friends Church. Vanisa plans to pursue a double major in Marketing and Management at a 4-year university, with a potential Vocal Performance minor. She aspires to someday receive her MBA, start her own business, and perform her original songs internationally. Vanisa believes DECA to be the pinnacle of her high school experience, saying that “There is no other organization that can encourage personal growth, teach a vast amount of professional skills, and allow for interpersonal connections the way that DECA does. DECA prepares you for the future, no matter which career you wish to pursue. This organization will ultimately change you for the better.”

Kannah Greer
Klamath Union High School
Vice President of Career Development

Kannah Greer will be a senior at Klamath Union High School this coming fall and is currently the Oregon DECA Vice President of Career Development. Although she has only been to SCDC twice, this is her third year in DECA and second year attending ICDC. As a DECA member, she has been awarded a series of accomplishments, both chapter and individual. Klamath Union DECA was recognized as Chapter of the Year two years in a row, once which she assisted with. She has also received numerous test medals, and was also awarded First Place overall in Hospitality Services Team Decision Making. 

Kannah Greer also received Third Place in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research, where she conducted a thorough research project on Dutch Bros. Coffee, which she currently works at. Throughout Kannah’s years as a DECA member, she has furthered her chapter to new heights by increasing membership, completing a tremendous amount of community service, and implementing new Klamath Union DECA traditions. In the future, Kannah hopes to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona, where she plans to major in Aeronautical Engineering and minor in Business. One of her career and all-time life goals is to go to Space at least once. Kannah is a firm believer in the idea that DECA is not a club, but a family; and every member has a story that deserves to be told.