2009-2010 State Officers

Anne Marie Sketch 
State President 

Anne Marie Sketch, a senior at Taft High School, is a hard worker and dedicated to everything she does.  At a young age, she showed an interest and desire to create a business, which is what lead her to DECA her freshman year.  Throughout her career in DECA, Anne Marie has served as the Oregon DECA Publicity Director, competed in both series and written events at the state level and has attended many leadership conferences. 

Aside from the vocational aspect that DECA has provided Anne Marie, she has also gained valuable life experiences from DECA, including confidence in herself, which has strengthened her leadership abilities and public speaking.  The opportunity of traveling and meeting new people is something Anne Marie also enjoys.  She has experienced the bright lights of big cities and met some of her closest friends in DECA.  

Outside of DECA, Anne Marie is involved in multiple school and community activities, which include, ASB Secretary, Key Club, Interact, and STARS (Students Today Aren’t Ready for Sex).  She is on both the cross country and track teams and runs whenever possible.  Anne Marie enjoys challenging herself by taking advanced classes and learning as much as she can in all different subjects.  She is also involved in both jazz band and symphonic bands at her school where she plays flute and trombone.  

Although she is involved in many activities, Anne Marie enjoys spending time with her mom at their home in Lincoln City.  After high school, Anne Marie plans to attend a four-year university and major in business administration and political science. 

Anne Marie is especially excited to continue to serve as the 2009-2010 Oregon DECA State President.  She is ready to meet as many members as she can and share her experiences in DECA with others.

Joel Waterman 

Joel Waterman is an outgoing guy who is always looking for an opportunity to excel in every aspect of life.  He believes that if you want something then you must be willing to work hard to get it.  Whether that means reaching across the finish line at a cross country meet, hitting a flawless shot in a round of golf, or staying up to unthinkable hours of the night studying for an exam!  DECA has played a huge role in Joel’s life over the last year.  It has opened his mind to new possibilities, new challenges and new people.

Joel is a junior at Waldport High School and is the student at arms for his class.  His favorite class at school is his business class, because this class introduced him to DECA.  In this class, Joel has learned many skills that are preparing him for a future career in business.  His personal involvement in the business world started December 2008 when he opened up a weekly dance club in Waldport that featured concessions, Rock Band, dancing and various other games.  This provides a service to his community and has started to generate a profit. Joel can honestly say that this could never have happened if it weren’t for the skills he learned from DECA and his business class.

Though this is only his first year in DECA, Joel feels confident in his ability to understand business and concentrate his efforts on making DECA have a successful 2009-2010.  He plans to join the National Guard after high school and go through college during that time.  After Joel is finished with his undergraduate education, he plans to either go into business or go to law school and become an attorney.  Until then, Joel is looking forward to an awesome year for DECA and wants to meet as many people who are involved with DECA as possible!

Abbie Tornquist 
Publicity Director

Abbie Tornquist, a freshman at Rex Putnam High School, was given an opportunity of a lifetime when she was elected Oregon DECA’s Publicity Director.  She first heard of DECA through a friend and has strived to be a state officer ever since.  Abbie has big plans for the future.  .

To Abbie, family is one of the most important things in her life and she spends as much time with them as she can get.  She also appreciates their support of her dreams and encouragement to achieve her goals.  In her spare time, Abbie loves swimming, reading and hanging out with her friends.  Abbie’s future goals include going to college, getting a degree in a science field and working towards a goal of curing or preventing cancer. 

Abbie is super excited to serve as the 2009-2010 Oregon DECA Publicity Director and can’t wait to make things happen!

Ted Vixay 
District I Vice President

See the invisible, do the impossible.” – Howard “H” White 

Howard White made an enormous impact on Ted Vixay’s life at the 2009 State Career Development Conference.  From this experience, Ted learned to include everyone, it did not matter what skills they had or how good they were at their skills.

DECA has given Ted the confidence to interact with strangers.  DECA has given him the unique knowledge of marketing.  DECA has given Ted the opportunity of a lifetime when he was elected the 2009-2010 District I Vice President.  During his year as a state officer, his main goal is to create a family-like bond throughout District I.  Ted wants to have that personal connection with each and every DECA member in his district.

Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Oregon City, Ted is living life to the fullest extent through his church.  Being a strong Christian, he took his first missions trip during the spring break of 2008 to Oakland, California where he stayed and worked with City Teams Ministries, a nationally recognized homeless shelter that has been helping the homeless get back on their feet for more than 50 years.

In his spare time, you can find Ted playing the guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, or oboe.  He is very involved with his high school; he supports the band program, attends local concerts and has even danced with the school’s dance team.  Ted also enjoys hanging with friends or playing videogames.  Ted’s different skills and passions have allowed him to make that special bond with people quickly.  However, of all these activities, his favorite activity would have to be DECA.

In the future Ted hopes to join a promotional marketing team for a business such a Nike, Adidas or Under Armour.  He plans on enrolling at a top-of-the-line university to major in marketing.

Chris Hinds 
District II Vice President 

Some people are hard workers.  Some people are easy to get along with.  Some people would rather die trying than not try at all.  Chris Hinds has each and every one of these qualities and is ready to apply them to his role as the 2009-2010 Oregon DECA District II Vice President.

Chris, like many people, has had to learn lessons the hard way.  When he was three, he cut his finger off with a can opener.  When Chris was five, he was unofficially diagnosed with brain cancer.  When Chris was 11, he broke several fingers and his nose.  When he was 14, he blew out his knee.  And now, at 16, he is District II Vice President! 

In 2007, something happened to Chris Hinds that would change his life forever.  He was planning his schedule for his freshman year of high school when the advisor of DECA, Mr. Ilg, introduced himself to Chris.  He started talking with Mr. Ilg about DECA and was so impressed that he decided to join DECA.  Chris instantly engaged in the organization and has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the near future.

Now, more than two years later, Chris has become the District II Vice President.  He is a successful sophomore at Central High School, a two-year letterman and starter for varsity baseball, president of International Club, and a 4.0 student.  Chris is a busy man, but it is his involvement in Oregon DECA that comes in at number one.

Chris lives by the statement, “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.  Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Anonymous.

Kira Alexander 
District III Vice President 

Kira Alexander’s life is consumed with DECA.  Finishing out her junior year at Klamath Union as the chapter president, she has learned to call the business room her home.  Kira starts each week with a DECA meeting at 6:00 a.m. and finishes each day working away in the business room until they literally kick her.  You would think this over achiever would have had enough; but for Kira, the sky’s the limit.  Kira was recently elected the 2009-2010 Oregon DECA District III Vice President, and she couldn’t be more excited!

Kira is dedication extends to DECA’s competitive events program.  She competed at the 2008 International Career Development Conference in the Business Services Marketing Series and will be competing again at the 2009 International Career Development Conference in Learn and Earn Project.

Though very involved in DECA, Kira does have interests outside of DECA.  Kira has played soccer every fall, spring and even indoor in the winter since she was seven years old.  She is currently the varsity goalie of her high school team but also enjoys playing in the field.  Kira loves being challenged in school and is enrolled in honors and advanced classes.  She also is employed at Safeway where she works as a courtesy clerk.  Even with her busy schedule, Kira still finds time to spend with her friends. 

Through this next year Kira hopes to meet as many members as possible to make this next year of Oregon DECA the best yet!