2008-2009 State Officers 

Max Patterson
State President 

As a goal driven leader, Max Patterson, doesn’t shy away from the hard work it takes to accomplish his goals but this doesn’t mean he is a stranger to fun either. 

For Max, this combination of hard work and fun was evident at the early age of 10 with the start-up and success of his own lawn-mowing business during the week and a lemonade stand on the weekends. Max describes this experience as being “drawn towards the light of the business world.” His new found enjoyment led Max to hand-deliver hundreds of flyers throughout his neighborhood, strengthening his businesses client pool and driving him to reach the next level in the business world. 

Max found his home with as an active member of the Klamath Union chapter. Here Max was involved with a variety of chapter projects ranging from book fairs to sports days and once again found fun and work blended well together for him in DECA. At the recommendation of a past state officer and the encouragement from his advisor, Nat Ellis, Max campaigned for and was elected to the position of District III Vice President.

As the District III Vice President, Max helped organize three competitions in District III as well as a training camp for beginning members and non-members alike. In addition to these events, Max was and still is a regular contributor to the statewide DECA newsletter, “The DECA Connection.”  

After serving one year as the Oregon DECA District III Vice-President, Max Patterson is proud to be able to serve another year in office as your President for the 2008-2009 year. Having developed a workshop on effectively preparing for competitive events, Max would LOVE to visit as many chapters as possible over the next year to spread his love of DECA and useful insight into the competitive world. 

Note from Max
Oregon DECA, this next year I would love to meet as many of you as possible. I believe that my success while in office is directly proportional to the success of Oregon DECA’s members and I feel that by hearing from the people we can run this organization like a republic, by the people for the people. 

Jessica Hogan

Jessica Hogan is a senior at Sabin Center-Rex Putnam High School that has been transformed through her involvement in DECA.  She has gone from a shy girl who was scared to talk to anyone to a confident young woman preparing for college. With the encouragement of great advisors Jessica joined DECA as a freshman and now her advisors can’t get her to stop talking about DECA. This passion for DECA led her to serve her junior year as the chapter president to one of the largest chapters in the state.

Jessica was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived in the Portland area her whole life.
Family is very important to Jessica and she spends much of her free time with them and appreciates their continued support.  Having fun with her chapter, playing soccer and the piano are also things Jessica likes to do and has been doing for years.

Jessica’s future goals include attending an Oregon college to get a degree in business where she can learn the skills necessary to fulfill her dream that started in seventh grade to own and operate her own business. She says that DECA has changed her into the person she has always wanted to be but did not think possible.         

Anne Marie Sketch
Publicity Director

Anne Marie Sketch is an avid runner who enjoys challenging classes and being involved in anything and everything at her school. A junior at Taft High School, she loves running and has spent the last two years training before and after school for both the cross-country and track teams. 

During the school day she excels in her challenging classes, loves learning, and can be found participating and holding leadership positions in Key Club, ASB, Interact, which is a youth version of Rotary that focuses on community service, and serving as a STARS’s (Student Today Aren’t Ready for Sex) teen leader. 

Music is also a big part of Anne Marie’s life. She has been playing the flute for six years and has over four years experience with the trombone. She enjoys playing in the high school jazz and pep bands at school games.

Although Anne Marie is involved in many things at her school, DECA is her #1 priority. Through DECA she has seen tremendous growth within herself. She has learned how to become a great leader, found a passion for business, and works hard to believe in and achieve her dreams.  DECA has taught her that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself. In fact, this belief in self, found through DECA, has become her personal motto and she enjoys sharing her DECA experiences with others. 

Anne Marie was born and raised in Lincoln City where she and her parents often spend quality family time together.  And although she is from a small town, she enjoys traveling and hopes to live in a big city after getting her degree in Business Administration from a top-notch four-year university.  

Anne Marie is excited to serve as your 2008-2009 Oregon State Publicity Director and looks forward to helping you believe and achieve your dreams.

David Hong
District I Vice President

David Hong is an outgoing music enthusiast that seeks to be informed and involved in the many aspects of his community, politics and world affairs. A Korean American, born in Hillsboro, Oregon to Haesook and Yoonsik Hong, he is the eldest son in a family of four. His favorite color is green and his favorite meal is tofu stew. 

David is currently a senior at Rex Putnam High School and an active member of the Sabin Center chapter. He fills his time with numerous extracurricular activities such as; Key Club, Model UN, the Rex Putnam Symphony and volunteering as an outdoor school counselor at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. When he gets time off he can be found playing tennis, fishing with friends, watching a good movie, or playing Starcraft.

But he can play more than just video games - he has been playing the piano for over 10 years and his favorite classical composers include: Beethoven and Claude Debussy. However, his most admired composer is Frederick Chopin. David Hong is a person that enjoys music. He enjoys classical, rock, rap/hip-hop, jazz, techno, and listens to most anything else, with the exception to country. 

However, of all these activities DECA is his favorite. He is a three year member who last year served as the Vice President of Competition for the Sabin Center chapter and is quick to let you know that his most favorite teachers at school are his DECA advisors.

David hopes to become a stockbroker, trading on the floors of the New York Stock Exchange, and plans on attending either University of Oregon or Stanford University for undergraduate studies and then on to New York University for a post-bachelor degree.

Amanda McLean
District III Vice President 

Amanda McLean, is a girl with a love for friendships and a knack for enjoying life. She describes herself as a typical teenage girl who plays tennis, loves to be with friends, enjoys shopping and can almost always be found having fun. However, for those who know Amanda, she is anything but typical. Her bright and friendly personality makes her a key candidate for leadership in DECA because she can always be found interacting with and serving all different types of people.

Amanda, a senior at Klamath Union High School, was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon and although she is technically an only child you wouldn’t guess it because she is happy to be surrounded by two step sisters and two half brothers. Amanda loves having a big family and she particularly loves spending time with her dad. 

When it comes to DECA, Amanda is no stranger to hard work and leadership. As an active member of KU DECA for three years she has served in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Last year she served as the Vice President of Finance for her chapter, taking care of all accounting needs for the management class.

As an accountant in the making she really appreciated her time as the Vice President of Finance and says she learned a lot about different accounting methods. This experience has sparked her interest in furthering her accounting knowledge and after graduation she plans on majoring in Business and Accounting at Oregon State University.

Amanda is all about making the most out of her high school years and can’t wait to see what life has in store for her.