2007-2008 State Officers

Chris Meek
State President 

Chris was born in Fontana, California. He is the third eldest out of six children and loves to spend time with family. Although heavily involved in sports and extracurricular programs, Chris always enjoys the opportunity to tuck his siblings into bed, and watch movies with his older brothers. 

He is currently a senior at Lebanon High School, and is planning to attend a four-year university. In college he hopes to major in math and business. His plans are to one day become either a math teacher or a State Accountant. 

Chris has served as the Vice President in his local DECA chapter for two years and has attended the last three State Career Development Conferences, two Western Region Leadership Conferences and the International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. He looks forward to many more DECA conferences and opportunities to meet DECA members. 

With his part time job at Subway on the weekends and school, sports and DECA during the week, Chris has very little time to relax, but with the support of church and family Chris has been able to move mountains. 

One of the greatest tasks Chris has completed is the introduction and development of Junior Tennis, a program designed for those of all ages. Since the age of 10 Chris has been playing tennis, now he teaches it to students and adults during the summer time. 

If Chris were to look back through his life, his two greatest accomplishments would be the smiles of the children he has taught tennis, and the opportunity to serve DECA as Oregon DECA’s State President. 

Anna Kostjushko

Your state secretary/treasurer, Anna Kostjushko, was born in Tallinn, Estonia – which is a European country near Finland. Anna lived there until she turned five when her parents decided to move to Portland, Oregon where she currently resides. At home, Anna enjoys speaking Russian with her family and spending time with her little sister, Sandra. 

Anna is a member of Sabin Center DECA and will be a junior at Milwaukie High School. Anna has always been very involved in DECA since her freshman year. She has attended most of her chapter trips including state both years, ICDC and WRLC. And of course, her favorite class is marketing. One of her favorite things to do is play sports. Anna loves to play soccer and especially tennis. She has been on the Milwaukie girls’ tennis team since her sophomore year. 

Anna also likes to hang out with all of her friends by going to the movies, shopping or just being in their company. She loves being with people and dislikes being alone for any long time. Another one of Anna’s favorite things to do is travel. She loves going on vacation and observing the different lifestyles of other cultures. To relax, she loves listening to all different types of music. 

Anna’s future goals are to attend college in California and get a job working in the field of business and marketing. In DECA, Anna’s goals are to increase communication and visit many DECA chapters to increase membership and advertise the great things DECA has to offer. She also hopes to visit Estonia and see all of her distant family since she has not been back since she has left. 

Kenzie Place
District I Vice President 

Kenzie Place, your district I vice president, is a senior at Lake Oswego High School. Her drive as a state officer is to expand DECA into local businesses while educating them on DECA’s purpose and significance. She has participated in DECA for two years and strives to recruit not only DECA members but also business partners. She has competed in Travel and Tourism, Sports Marketing, E-commerce, and the International Business Plan written event. Kenzie is also very involved in running the student store at Lake Oswego, “Joes Boathouse.” 

During Kenzie’s free time she enjoys playing varsity lacrosse for the Lakers, shopping, eating, going to the movies, scuba diving, sailing, traveling and being with her friends. At school she is enrolled in eight classes as well as participating in Junior Statesmen of America, Laker Crew, National Charity League and Scholars Alliance. She lives with her mother and father, Sharon and Bill, and grandma, Georgette. Her older brother is away at college but still finds time to mentor and participate in her active life. She attributes much or her success to her parents active support and involvement in all she does. Kenzie hopes to attend college on the east coast and pursue either stock broking or advertising as a future career. 

She is very excited for this year and is proud to serve on an amazing team made up of creative, fun, confident and hardworking state officers. She has full confidence that this team is accomplishing great things for Oregon DECA! Again, Kenzie thanks everyone for electing her into the District I Vice-President and giving her the opportunity to experience something so amazing. 

Katie Thoma
District II Vice President 

Katie Thoma is from Lebanon were she is a senior at Lebanon High School. She has lived in the mid Willamette valley her whole life. Although she is from a small town, Katie enjoys spending time in big cities and hopes to one day live in New York. She loves to make her friends laugh and always has interesting stories to tell. 

Katie brings a wealth of DECA experience to her position as District II Vice President. She has been a member since her sophomore year, attended over ten DECA conferences, served as a Lebanon chapter officer and represented Oregon as an international competitor at ICDC. From experiences such as these, Katie has learned just how life changing DECA can be and strives to create such experiences for the members here in Oregon. 

Katie is no stranger to team work. She has been a member of her varsity cheerleading squad, served as a STARS district and team leader, worked as an outdoor school team counselor, and served as a member of both the technical and cast crews for drama productions at her school . These opportunities have helped to create an understanding of what a team really is and what it means to work together. She is also involved in her high school choir and active in her church community. She enjoys being with her family and friends, shopping, and volunteering at a local middle school.  

After graduation, Katie plans on attending a four year university to major in business administration with a focus on marketing. She plans on using her major to further her career in marketing management. She hopes to one day be an influential member of a marketing firm, and hopefully one day own and operate her own firm. 

Katie is looking forward to working with Oregon DECA and meeting the members that make this such an amazing organization. 

Max Patterson
District II Vice President 

Max Patterson is extremely proud to have the opportunity to serve as your 2007-2008 Oregon DECA District III Vice-President. 

Throughout his life he has always aspired to own his own business and work to better his community. At the age of eight, Max was well on his way to becoming an entrepreneur. He was very busy working in his neighborhood mowing lawns and doing other various yard-jobs for community members. 

Max is currently a sophomore at Klamath Union High School and will be a junior in the fall. Max has been highly involved with his DECA chapter since his freshman year and often helps with local projects that his chapter conducts. Recently he took part in a book fair sponsored by his DECA chapter promoting literacy in his community. Other DECA related activities he has been affiliated with include volunteering at a local children’s sports day, gathering donation items for a DECA raffle, and helping run a company picnic in the summer. 

Apart from working in his community, Max is also incredibly involved in his school. For the past two years he has been a member of his Associated Student Body, more commonly known as ASB. He also maintains honor-roll status in his many advanced and honors classes. This year he is enrolled in algebra II, honors english, spanish II, marketing and chemistry. For his upcoming junior year he plans to take pre-calculus, spanish III, management, as well as zoology/botany, and honors english. 

He also plans to visit and interact with many chapters throughout the state and his district. He is focusing particularly on assisting to re-establish at least one chapter in his district. Max is very excited to be involved in the incredible association of DECA and is looking forward to fulfilling his duties and responsibilities as a state officer.