Advisor Spotlight: Mr. Reinhardt, Cascade High School

Get to know our advisors a little more! This month we highlight Mr. Reinhardt from Cascade High School.

Q) How did you hear about DECA?

A) I actually heard about DECA when I was student teaching at Battle Ground HS in Washington. The school had an FBLA chapter at the time. When I was doing more education through Oregon State University, I heard quite a bit more on what DECA was and since I was majoring in Marketing, this would then become a natural fit when I started at Cascade.

Q) What prompted you to start a DECA chapter?

A) As mentioned previously, I heard about DECA when doing some studies at Oregon State University. When I was hired at Cascade, there was not a DECA chapter and I researched the process to get a chapter started. After about 6 months of work with Oregon DECA and National DECA (it was only National at that time), I got a chapter chartered in 1990.

Q) What has been your biggest challenge as an advisor?

A) I would say that the biggest challenge of being an advisor is TIME MANAGEMENT. I am also the boy’s tennis coach, I have a family, I teach several classes each trimester, SO, being able to juggle all this has been a challenge that I have been able to work through.

Q) What is your favorite part about being a DECA advisor?

A) There are many favorite parts of DECA. But, probably the BEST part of being an advisor is seeing previous DECA members being quite successful after graduation. That success can be with family, friends and careers. I LOVE to see what is happening with DECA alumni.

Q) What is your favorite DECA memory?

A) There are just TOO many memories to really narrow it down to one. But for sake of argument, let’s go with the very first National Conference in Anaheim in 1991. My wife and I took TWO DECA members to this conference. One of them made it to the stage, Kim Albee. This conference brings back many memories. I still have quite a few pictures from it.

Q) What is the best advice that you have given to one of your members?

A) The best advice I can give DECA members is to be happy and have some fun. DECA can be hard work, but all that work will pay off. There are just times when you need to kick back and have some fun. Another piece of advice that has helped me would be to Love the Lord!!! HE guides me and is with me ALL the time. I draw on Him when needed. He does not let me down.

Through the years Mr. Reinhardt has gone above and beyond to make sure that every DECA member at chapter, state and international level have a successful and memorable experience. We would like to thank Mr. Reinhardt for his hard work and dedication as an advisor.

Have you shown your DECA advisor how much you appreciate them lately? Take a moment to thank your chapter advisor/advisors today!